How to use WhatsApp web on desktop?(4 Easy steps)

How to use WhatsApp web on desktop?(4 Easy steps)

Using whatsapp web if safe and not hack. But sometimes when you inject some kind of scripts into the WhatsApp web page that may scrap your messages and contact exists in your whatsapp store.

Not to influence such problems, avoid few chrome extensions that are harmful to your mobile phone. Here is my WhatsApp web review.  

How to Use WhatsApp Web on desktop?

It is very easy process and You will get the whatsapp messenger on your favorite browser by following these easy steps. 

Here is the answer to get open your WhatsApp Web

Step 1: Open the Official site

To get access the WhatsApp web on desktop, Open your favorite browser (like Google chrome, Firefox and Safari, etc), and open the official Whatsapp web on desktop site.

You will get the QR code in the next screen. Now follow the next step.

Step 2

Open your Whatapp account from your android mobile and click on the Three dots (…), which is located on the right-top side of your app.

whats app menu buttons at top of the right side

Now click on WhatsApp Web option from the drop down menu.

click on whatsapp web option

In this step log in to the Whatsapp web through the Google search engine.

Now you will see QR code appearing on the whatsapp web screen.

Whatsapp web qr code scanner

Step 3: Open Desktop or Browser version

How do i log into whatsapp web? 

Where is whatsapp web?

Just Open the Whatsapp Web version (or) Desktop version, then you will get the QR Code Page. The code will be refresh within 2 to 3 minutes and it generates new code for every new page refresh.

scan the whatsapp web QR Code

Step 4: Scan the QR Code with Smartphone

When you select WhatsApp Web option, now you will see a square type shape with tick mark mobile sign appears on your top right side of your app.

Observe a ‘+’ sign on the right top of your phone, and when you touch it, a camera scanner with horizontal line moves up and down.

After that, place your phone exactly on whatsapp web QR code appearing on your Desktop, Laptop or PD or Laptop, tablet and place your phone on whatsapp web qr code(Black-and-white pattern of squares) appearing on the desktop.

Now you will see that your whatsapp screen appears on the desktop.

When the whatsapp screen appears on your computer, the camera scanner will automatically shut off.

Now operate your whatsapp that how you are operating on your phone.

Only the difference between the two devices, Keyboard is little on your phone device while desktop device the keyboard facility is good and easy to type matters as you what early.

What is WhatsApp Web Desktop?

WhatsApp desktop app is a kind of extension from smartphone.

When your whatsapp pop up on desktop it will allow you to send messages and reply to them all through desktop.

You will use a keyboard when you run this operation.

Once you log on through your PC or any device, and you have not log-out after work, and when you next time want to log-in to your WhatsApp, then again you need not to above process.

However, you mobile interlinked with whatsapp web qr code with whatsapp web scan app and it will open without said procedure above.

To log-in on a new device follow the step one, tow, three and four briefed above.

Follow the WhatsApp Web at the top right of the menu of your phone.

Now line the box in the camera up with the whatsapp web qr code scanner on your computer screen – if this works, the camera on your phone will close, and WhatsApp web will open on your computer. If it doesn’t work, try refreshing your computer page to try again.

How to use WhatsApp web, an iPad or Android tablet?

To install the WhatsApp web browser on your tablet is a little difficult. Because your tablet browser do not allow whatsapp web of your phone.

But your iPad says, install your When you try for whatsapp on your app store of the iPad, it tells app is not available.

It will happen when you request the desktop site on your tablet for whatsapp.  

Go to the right of the URL bar at the top and press and hold the page refresh button on safari on iPad. After a few minutes a bu To do this press and hold the page refresh

To do this on Safari on iPad, press and hold the page refresh button to the right of the URL bar at the top. After a few moments a punctual appears to request desktop site –Now you press this. Now you will see whatsapp page on your computer, laptop and desktop.

It may take a couple of minutes while you do, so take a little time to get WhatsApp web on an iPad or Android tablet.

When you go and try repeatedly, finally you will get your whatsapp on your phone. Press the three vertical dots exists at the right side of the menu button on the browser of the chrome of the Android tablets.

You will see an option on the menu Desktop site with a tick-box next to it. Choose this option then you will see that the page reload to the desktop version.

What is whatsapp web QR code?

Download the whatsapp web desktop application from from your computer. When you open it, you will see QR code which will change always. 


Q1: Can i use WhatsApp on my desktop computer?

Access to the whatsapp browser and go to the whatsapp qr code to scan it through your mobile phone. 

Q2: How to make whatsapp web video call mac?

First tap on the video camera icon exists on your screen of the whatsapp. When you tap on the video camera then your video calls starts automatically.

You will also get support from windows and mac software of PCs and do export and import video calls.  

Earlier people wish to see their friends and family members from yahoo messengers, but new whatsapp web video calls near you everyday with high definition. Don’t worry that you will away to your loved one. 

How to get WhatsApp messages of old one? Or how to recover whatsapp chat history from older(backups)

Q3: How to get Whatsapp older history

    • First you should uninstall whatsapp app from your phone
    • And now open the whatsapp database or backup folder and choose the files you want and restore it
    • When you see something like msgs tore—-Now you just rename it
    • Install whatsapp now. Now it will ask restore and tap to restore and you will get the data

Whatsapp is a powerful tool. Today even from youth to elder blend with chatting and group messages and even whatsapp on web browser to do daily activities and official works too.

The use of whatsapp now predominantly reduce the time of many things, especially not to go browsing center all the time.

Q4: How can i install whatsapp web on android phone?

    • Go to the chat screen-More options-Whatsapp web-for Android
    • On windows phone-Chart screen-go to menu-whatsapp web
    • Go to settings-Whatsapp web-for iPhone

Final Words

Whatsapp app can be downloaded from google play store. Whatsapp on website will access through scanning qr code of the whatsapp website.

Whatsapp web logout is for log out from all devices appears on your phone when you to the vertical options of the three dots. And press whatsapp webOn other devices use tap+to use whatsapp on other devices.  

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