How does Smart Health Trackers save our day

How does Smart Health Trackers save our day

You would like to have definitely a healthy life, isn’t it? Here’s what Smart Health trackers can do for you to lead a happy life.

You are probably one out of many who set a schedule every night to start living healthier from the very next morning. But your very tight schedule which keeps you busy from the early hour in the morning to late in the night doesn’t let you work out the so-called health schedule. Your fitness schedule is hardly a box to be checked in your to-do list. 

Now the big question is, How to keep track of our fitness in this tightly wound schedule? 

In advancement technology, there is a wide range of health trackers designed which keeps an eye on your health and fitness. These health trackers monitor your health and find anything goes wrong in the body. Many best fitness tracker watches guide you to do some workouts and have some medications from time to time. 

What do these Smart Health Trackers do to keep us fit?

There are many clinics and doctors who will give you more accurate results for your health status when we visit them. With this much advancement in the medical studies, do we really need these health monitors hanging around to our bodies? Definitely yes! 

Do you know that there are around 38 million people who die on an average due to unnoticed cardiovascular and other heart-related diseases? According to WHO in most of the cases occur before even visiting the nearest clinic. 

The health trackers like step tracker watch keep a keen interest in how your heartbeat is working and moreover calculates all the activities you do. No better motivation is given other than knowing how many calories you have spent today by walking 10000 feet. When your little device appreciates you for spending 100 calories, this would let you keep a health goal to achieve further. 


Unwrapping what is inside you little device

Fitness trackers are built-in with different sensors that will help you calculate different metrics. 

1. Accelerometers:

The accelerometers are the electromechanical sensors which have a capability in measuring your speed. This sensor will help you in detecting your motion and movement.

2. GPS:

GPS plays a vital role in the smartphone world. Almost every smartphone is enabled with the GPS tracking ability to track the locations and directions and many more. The smart trackers to have these GPS trackers that will better help you in understanding your GPS locations. 

3. Galvanic Skin Response sensor:

This is another sensor adopted in the smart trackers which helps to detect stress, phobias, PTSD or any other kind of anxiety. The sensor in trackers detects the electric conductance of the skin with the electrodes attached to the skin. This sensor relates the data with the other sensors and will conclude the level of intensity of your activities. 

4. Heart Rate Monitor:

This is the other important sensor found in your life-saving devices. The heart rate is calculated by the HRM sensor by light refraction technique on the blood vessels. 

There are also other sensors like temperature sensors and bioimpedance sensors in these smart health trackers, which altogether will help you track your health and fitness accurately.

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