Lost credit card

Lost credit card or debit card? Here’s are the simple steps to stop fraudulent transactions and get insurance claims out of loss.

Types of common frauds:

Theft, phishing, online frauds, counterfeiting, cloning, OTP frauds

Using a credit card is a habit of everyone. You might have gone-outing without breakfast, but not a credit card. Fraudulent transactions are increasing every day even after the safety measures taking by the banks. 

Often occurs fraudulent transactions even after the credit card linked with OTP and PIN confirmation. 

In this scenario, the necessity takes place to keep up a credit card carefully is an important aspect for customers using a credit card/debit card.

From the time of missing a credit card to information giving to the customer care helpline center is called ‘golden hour’@2 hours. 

If you call in this 2 hour bracket period, the customer care helpline center will act promptly against your lost card and initiate a process to stop fraud transactions.

I lose my credit card?

Block your lost credit card first

If you lose a credit card, log-in to your app application and draft an email saying ‘block my credit card’. 

To write an email, go to your dashboard and you will find a category column with many service options. Here select ‘report a lost or stolen card’ option. Click on it and write a complaint email.

Lost credit card

If do not have time to write an email, call  customer care helpline center through your registered mobile number and report a complaint against your lost card.

My suggestion is, block your credit card immediately than waiting for your lost card to return. It helps you stop the risk of fraudulent transactions. by unauthorized. 

Card misplacement is available by paying minimum charges by your respective credit card bank. SBI card charges 100+GST.

Many banks offer “complimentary credit card fraud liability cover” up to 2 Lakhs if fraud happened. For instance, SBI Cards offers fraud coverage on the ‘Central SBI platinum credit card’. Likewise, credit card companies are offering fraud liability cover up to 2 lakhs.

Insurance companies are offering fraud cover policies if fraud/thefts happen. Having a card protection plans helps the customer to mitigate from the fraud.

Insurance to cover credit card fraud:

Insurance companies are offering various fraud cover insurance plans on credit cards. The ‘Card Protection Plan’ is a popular plan which covers fraudulent transactions by paying a lower premium.

Zero lost credit card liability cover 

Banks offer coverage on fraud transactions. This coverage helps exemption of paying for unauthorized thefts happened when lost cards. 

Best credit cards have fraud coverage.

Inform to police about lost credit card

File a complaint against lost credit card at your nearest police station. However, often, credit card companies may ask ‘a proof of complaint’ against the lost card whenever the lender wants to give a claim or waiver off fraud transactions.

FIR(First Information Report) helps you to expedite the process of loss by the credit card insurance company against fraudulent transactions.


Do not panic if your credit card missing. However, the existing technology and card protection plans help not to happen unauthorized fraud transactions. I suggest availing the best card protection plan before you take a credit card. Block credit card if you lost as fraudsters have much more knowledge of cloning out of the original.  

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