Cashless technology

Safety measures are paramount as the COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the country.  The time has come to adopt safety measures while moving with public transit networks.

Because people throng in many public places become  vectors of corona spread by people physical contacting in public places.

What government says

According to the “Ministry of housing and urban affairs(MoHUA) advisory” says, people have to adopt *touchless and cashless technology* to curb the transmission of COVID-19.

Credit card is an environmental friendly choice to decrease the corona spread with its contact less technology inbuilt in credit cards.

People have been taking several measures to protect from COVID -19, such as sanitization and social distancing and other safety measures. In addition, using cashless and contact less technology helps commuters to keep themselves away from contacting with COVID-19. A pandemic.

To reduce transmission through mankind is only possible by adopting cashless systems such as “BHIM, PhonePe, Google PayTm and credit card”.

Market demand and supply

Dramatic and dynamic changes in business industries are going to takes place if lockdown relaxed.

What is physical distancing

Physical distancing is the most concern to keep up people safe and not to got infected with corona virus.

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