Best Landmark Credit Card with 5 useful benefits

Best credit card, landmark credit card  People have no time but required the best choices which are like to march with lifestyle. Coinciding the statement, the landmark group has launched a credit card called Landmark credit card compressed with four variants. Which are Lifestyle, Spar, Max, and Home center? A lifestyle is a place to … Read more Best Landmark Credit Card with 5 useful benefits

Best insurance policies for COVID 19

COVID 19 Insurance policy The objective is to make available health insurance to various sections of people during  “pandemic”. Now insurance is available to cover COVID-19 under short term health cover maximum term of 11 months IRDA Comapnies are looking for short-term health insurance cover for COVID-19 may soon be available for people affected with … Read more Best insurance policies for COVID 19

Cashless technology

Safety measures are paramount as the COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the country.  The time has come to adopt safety measures while moving with public transit networks. Because people throng in many public places become  vectors of corona spread by people physical contacting in public places. What government says According to the “Ministry of housing and … Read more Cashless technology