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I am Ratna Babu Geddam a tech enthusiast and motivator. Very much interested in online research to find about new tech and inspiration personalities. Read more about.

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Ranababu Geddam

About Myself…

“Life is beautiful”. Yes, but it only happens when we set up our relations, ambiance, and connection with people that we expected.

We are unique and born as experts in different segments. For instance, I am an expert in writing about famous Indian personality biographies.

The intention behind, sensitize worldly youth towards achieving future dreams of the world.

As a Post Graduate in ‘English Literature’, from a prestigious Indian University, I intend to bring famous inspirational life stories that make me feel something still remained to achieve.

Skilled in youth assessment, People Development, and Charity.

Have a strong desire to improve the quality standards of the people by introducing the latest and quality information for your countries growth.

I am a “Content Writer” in blogging for the past 2 years.

Written many articles on people’s mindsets, knowledge, Human needs, Save money, Save water and the latest famous Indian personalities.

You may be surprised by how it possible to become an expert in many areas!

Yes, it is all happening the way I understand your needs by imagining my standing presence at your standing place.

Finally, I do not want to make one’s win or lose but I want, we all win in the “win-win” model.

I can understand that we are spending our hard-earned for our everyday needs.

So, why should we compromise on the quality of the product? So, I am here to introduce the most familiar and reliable to make your life happy and prosperous.

With love,


Author. aratnababu@gmail.com