Speech for school children

On 15th August India celebrates Independence Day to commemorate the victory against British rule in our India. Our Indian Government has announced a national holiday for all to celebrate the victory of the Indian people on the colonial law used to dominate Indian people by the British government.

Our elders say it is a long phase of the battle against British rule which suppressed the freedom of speaking and keeps us silent. The British government has used it as a weapon to expand their empire in India.

Victory on the British government

The world has witnessed our struggle for freedom. We had passed through many tough times. India had faced centuries of foreign rule. 

Finally, on 15th August 1947, with our strong unity and determination, India gained independence after a series of movements that involved the sacrifice of many lives during the battle period with the English people.

The day of independence is a day of joy and hope for all of us and we need to remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

The First Independence Day celebrations happened on 15th August 1947 in New Delhi. India’s first prime minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, raised the Indian national flag while singing the national anthem at the red fort near Delhi’s Lahore gate.

People services for our nation 

Today, we are safe because thousands of the army, the police, and other security forces are protecting our nation tirelessly. 

They made the rules to destroy our nation, culture, and tradition. Britishers underestimated our self-belief and determination, but our freedom fighters had fought against those rules and destroyed all of them, and seen victories end.

Every year on 15th August, school children, teachers, parents, and other government institutions come together and celebrate Independence Day.

The flag tricolor represents different things such as saffron- it signifies courage and sacrifice, white- it signifies peace and truth while green signifies faith and chivalry. The center of the flag Ashoka Chakra contains 24 distributed spikes.

On this special day, recall the great sacrifices of our freedom fighter Bharat Singh, Sukh Dev, Raj Guru, Gandhi, and other daring freedom fighters for their unforgettable contribution to Indian Independence.

On behalf of my parents, we want to thank the efforts and determination made by frontline corona warriors, be it healthcare workers, doctors, and nurses who have been working tirelessly and serving the people with pandemic infections.

Among them, many have lost their lives. We at Indian people salute them. Many families have lost their loved ones. We pay their souls to rest in peace. Best wishes to the winners of corona recovered.

Highlights of the Independence Day celebrations 

Important milestones ahead of our 75th year Independence

Fill up fresh energy and determination in Indian people and take them their development as our nation development

Lift India from the immense destruction of the pandemic by helping them with vaccination for all and make them out of fear from tougher times 

To make 130 crores of Indian people self-reliant with 130 crore solutions even we face fierce competition and challenges from the rest of the world. As per History, if India is determined, will do it. 

As we are a potential India, encourage foreign direct investment to India as to make a rising India by breaking the records.

To bring our nation out of the pandemic to give a fearless life to Indian people and giving them a free and safe life

My best wishes to all my friends

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