3 best tips to choose a best credit card for your successful

This is a very important article on “Credit Cards” that you should know a few invaluable things before switch for a credit card. Many people do know only the name “credit card” available in the market, but unfortunately, they do not know that there are multiple credit cards with multiple features are available from the corporate banks in the market.

Tip 1 Why do we use a credit card?

If we talk about the above-said question, the answer is, the use of a credit card is “to save money & to be successful”. You might be asking me that customers can be successful by using a credit card? And the answer is, customers, can be successful by “saving money” on their spending every day.

Tip 2 How to choose a suitable credit card?

This is the most wanted question and no one knows the best answer. If we talk about how to choose the best credit card, surprisingly the answer is with you. Because, first of all, you should think of yourself, why do you need a credit card?

Your credit card need might be…

  • To spend on retail shopping malls and branded stories of specific groups
  • To spend on dinings, movies, and entertainment
  • To spend on Air and Train journey spends
  • Most importantly, to spend on groceries, departmental stores, and other retail categories

Now identify your need which you want to satisfy through your credit card and ask your credit card seller that where is your need gets resolve. However, here I emphasize, that credit card is not a just single card that offering by the bankers, in fact, there are hundreds of credit cards with multiple benefits and features are available in the market.

So, based on your requirements, you must know the benefits which exist with the card through the credit card seller. Because, if the card you had chosen might not reveal your desired need.

Tip 3 How do I know the benefits of the credit card?

In other words, credit cards named products by credit card sellers. As I told above, the credit card is not a single card, they are available in hundreds in the market, hence its called “product”. Before you switch to the credit card, you must ask the credit card executive about the product brochure comprises of all product features and benefits. Moreover product terms and conditions.


On account of COVID 19, avail a credit card is safe and secure for the people. Because many working employees are jobless and unable to come out of financial hurdles. At this juncture, having a credit card is like a “PLAN B” option to run lives not seeking for salary from the companies. Because credit card gives you a certain period of time with low ROI(Rate Of Interest). Pay your outstanding bill after settling down with a new job or business.

I will come up with the next article that how to avoid over-limit charges, late payment charges(LPC), and other penalties that affect your CIBIL score.

“Wish you good luck and enjoy a happy credit card…



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