Best insurance policies for COVID 19

COVID 19 Insurance policy

The objective is to make available health insurance to various sections of people during  “pandemic”.

Now insurance is available to cover COVID-19 under short term health cover maximum term of 11 months IRDA

Comapnies are looking for short-term health insurance cover for COVID-19 may soon be available for people affected with COVID-19. Insurance regulatory authority is now giving guidelines to offer such policies for people infected COV8D 19.

Thos policy offering by life, general and health insurers to offer COVID-19 specific short-term health insurance policies. These policies made available from three months eleven months. Polices made by following IRDAI guidelines.

Insurence regulatory authority says, such short term policies are need of the hour. Short-term health insurance policies providing coverage specific to COVID-19 disease.

The guidelines will remain valid till March 31, 2021, unless extended further. The policy is an individual product and No separate add-ons will be permitted.

Few optional covers that enhance the health insurance coverage allowed on same policy duration.

We advise insurers are advised to opt short-term health insurance products to cover COVID 19. People advised to check it’s term of claim receipt before opting for specific insurance.

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