2 simple stemps to get SBI credit card customer care number

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I know you have tired of finding out SBI credit card contact details. Time is precious for all human beings. In this article, I do not want you hanging out for a long period of time but deeply try to help you to provide important information about SBI credit card customer care and necessary customer care details for your problem solution.

Only 2 Simple steps to get SBI credit card customer care number

STEP 1: SBI Credit card customer care number

SMS PROBLEM to 9212500888. This SMS helps you to get a call to address all your concerns from the SBI Customer care center within 24 hours to 48 hours of your SMS request.

SMS HELP to 5676791. This SMS service helps you to get all your credit card account information.

STEP 2: SBI Credit card customer care number

Visit: www.sbicard.com

Email: customercare@sbicard.com

Facebook/sbicard, Twitter/sbicard, Linkedin/company/sbicard

SBI Card is working round the clock 24X7. And the customer’s concerns addressed by the experts of the credit card department.

SBI Card customer care


Why SBI credit card customer care number is not working?

On the account of COVID 19 spread, all the call centers situated across the country have shut down temporarily. You might have received the message from the “credit card customer care”.

How can I contact the SBI card customer care number if not working?

It is better to approach through the mail request. “customercare@sbicard.com”. If the call center is not working, there will be chances to get a solution through the customer mail requests.

If the SBI credit card customer care center out of reach, what I have to do?

Login to your SBI Card app and check all your transaction made by you and see the terms and conditions of the specific transaction and its charges for that transaction.

How will I get some discount if monthly outstanding amounts pending for a few months?

If we talk about this query, as per credit card terminology, it is not called a discount, but says it “reversal”. Credit card banks provide an option “ASK ILA” you that you will find when logging in to your “credit card account through the app”.

Here you can raise your “request of waiver or reversal” if in case you have charged with additional amounts if any.

What will customers have to do to avoid the rate of interest, late payment charges, or additional charges?

Credit card companies give a certain period of time called “Interest-Free Credit Period”. Few banks give this period 45 days to 50 days.

Within this period of time customers will not be charged with any additional payments. We have already discussed the additional payment charges are extra charges to pay post due date.


Customers do not read terms and conditions or features and benefits of any product before taking them. But will only they curious to know about its benefits and discounts on the product. This situation makes the customer fell into trouble.

If the customer made the payment before due period, then no extra charges born. But if the customer miss to pay the due amount within the “Interest-Free Credit Period”, then the customer need to pay additional charges.

These charges will be not only ROI(Rate Of Interest) but also with late payment charges and other finance charges etc.. that we have discussed early article.


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